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Marketing Wordpress-Style Real Estate Sites

Online Marketing, Using Two Websites

A new technique in REALTOR® marketing is changing the game.

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Real Estate Marketing

Some REALTORS® think “if you build it, they will come.” But a simple WordPress real estate site isn’t enough in 2022.

Gavamedia’s two website strategy

We recommend you have two affordable REALTOR® websites.

Your main website includes your branding, with your name, logo, and photos of you and your team. It should be a .com or .ca of your name. It’s what you put on your business cards. But this isn’t enough to get leads.

A generic website is the key

Your second website is styled like a general-purpose real estate site for your area. It should be called something like “Vancouver Residential”. This is the REALTOR® website we market with online advertising.

Edmonton realtor website
Removing salespeople reduces pressure, and increases leads

Why we market your generic site

Self-promotion is always a hard sell.

Studies show that people don’t want to click online ads for “Jane Doe Realty”. And the few that do, browse the website with skepticism, always mindful that they’re being sold to.

People respond best to a generic real estate website that appears to service the public. This removes the sales element, and puts the nagging salespeople into the background. The theory is that people think "this is a general site servicing my area." Instead of appearing like self-promotion, your second website looks like a friendly local organization here to help people buy or sell homes.

This is why all our attention is focused on advertising your generic, second website. Leads are more likely to click your ads. And most importantly, leads are more likely to fill out your "Contact Us" forms.

The holy trinity of online advertising

A complete advertising strategy in 2022 requires Facebook ads, Google ads, and Instagram ads.

Social Media Advertising for REALTORS
Set your monthly budget, and we do the rest

Our advertising experts custom build ads for you, keep them within your budget, and direct the best leads to your generic website.

Ads that adapt quickly

We manage the entire advertising process. We closely monitor your ads, trying different variations, using what’s called “A/B testing”. The more effective ads get more funding.

We also show different ads to different demographics. First-time homebuyers are shown affordable properties in your area, whereas older markets are shown recently sold properties, and downsizing advice.

Advertising your individual listings

As your listings come and go, we automatically advertise them based on your budget. Your sold listings are shown to older audiences looking to sell. Your new and affordable listings are shown to young homebuyers. And your high-end listings are shown to affluent professionals.

You still direct clients to your first website

Your first website heavily promotes you. It’s best suited for existing clients and referrals — it’s for people who already know you by name. This is the website you put on your business card. Sending referrals to a generic site can seem unprofessional.

To maximize your sales, your first (branded) website is where you send clients and referrals. Your online ads direct leads to your second (generic) website. This is the best way to get leads. Try Gavamedia now for free

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“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’” Jef I. Richards

What Gavamedia does

We develop real estate marketing websites for REALTORS®, Brokers, and real estate agencies. We specialize in MLS® websites, which connect to CREA’s DDF.

We put all the latest MLS® listings on your website.

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Gavamedia provides everything you need

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