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Research shows email newsletters are still the most affective way to keep your customers. Read more.
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Why an email newsletter?

  • Over 90% of your customers check their email at least once a day
  • 77% prefer email to receive promotional content, while only 4% prefer Facebook
  • On social media, only 18% of your posts will ever reach your followers

Send to everyone at once

Studies prove email marketing is the most effective way to keep your customers intereted.

With Gavamedia® Newsletter:
  • Write & send your own newsletter – it's simple!
  • Reach all your customers at once
  • Free for 2,000 subscribers, and just $15/month for more

Measure your success

With Newsletter, you get detailed analytics at your fingertips:
  • Exactly who viewed each of your newsletters, by name
  • How many subscribers clicked links in your newsletter
  • Compare the stats of your newsletters to discover what works best

Track sales made from your Newsletter

Remove all guesswork. Newsletter integrates seamlessly with your Gavamedia® e-commerce website:
  • Know the exact customers which made a purchase on your website because of your newsletter
  • See exactly how much money each newsletter earned
  • Track all newsletter stats from anywhere online with your smartphone


Under 2,000 subscribers:

Over 2,000 subscribers:
Gavamedia® Newsletter:
Industry standard:

No hidden costs

Our pricing is the simplest in the industry. You will actually pay just $15/month if you have over 2,000 subscribers, and nothing if you have less.

Easy to get started

Start with a free account, and build your newsletter's popularity. When you're so popular that you have over 2,000 subscribers, pay just $15/month.

Competitive pricing

The industry standard cost to send just 1 newsletter to 2,000 subscribers is $60. But with Gavamedia® Newsletter, send unlimited emails for just $15/month.

Marketing done right

Direct marketing can be up to 100x more expensive than an email marketing campaign. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is over $40.

Read the Harvard Business Review article on email marketing

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