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Real Estate Lead Management

Turn Leads into Sales

Convert strangers into clients, and clients into closings.

Keep people coming back to you.

They can favourite any listing

Even if the listing isn't yours, anyone can "favourite" a listing. This allows people to safely browse your website, knowing that they can easily return to the ones they liked for further review.

They can signup for a free account

Right on your website, visitors can create a free account, which allows them to view their favourites anywhere, and easily keep in touch with you.

Send them email newsletters

You know the power of staying in touch. Email marketing is the most effective form of online marketing. Send out mass emails to your website members. You can even create multiple mailing lists with different subscribers. See what an email newsletter can do for you.

Wow them with technology

Beautiful, fast, and functional. Everyone prefers a fast website, and with search-as-you-type, and other speedy features, your Gavamedia website will stand out as the go-to source for local real estate listings. Read why Gavamedia is so fast.

Manage Leads

A great website is only the start. You need to know how its performing.

Powerful analytics to monitor everything.

See who's on your website in realtime

See who's online right now. What page they're viewing, what device they're using, and even their approximate location.

See where visitors are from

Detailed analytics show more than the number of visitors - see where visitors are located.

See what listings are popular

Even if the listing isn't yours, see what people are clicking the most on your website. Even see what listings people are adding to their favourites.

See in-depth review of any visitor

Inspect your website visitors history in detail. See every page visited in chronological order, including how long they spent on each page.

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