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Servicing Canada and the United States for twenty years

Gavamedia is a one-stop-shop for all web-based needs. With staff across Canada, we proudly offer both Canada and The United States almost every web-related service.

Gavamedia is a Canadian corporation, and registered Technical Provider for CREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Gavamedia is an official Digital Advisor for the Canadian government

Gavamedia is a proud member of CDAP, the Canadian Digital Advisor Program. With government funding, we can help bring your web presence to the next level.

“Great service since 2005!”Iain Pike, December 2022“I would recommend Gavamedia to anyone”Carole Spicer, February 2022“We would highly recommend Gavamedia”Mark Vetere, November 2020“The folks at Gavamedia created the best website I have had. Their team is very responsive and honour their commitments, and deliver on time.”Steve Sicard, June 2019

What we do

Custom website development

We specialize in new website development. From the early stages of design, all the way up to the web hosting, Gavamedia does it all.

Websites for Real Estate

Gavamedia makes websites for REALTORS®, real estate brokers, and agencies. We specialize in MLS® connected websites, connecting you to CREA’s DDF.

Maintaining existing site

We can help take back control of your website. Gavamedia services and maintains existing websites built by other developers.

Custom plugins and apps

Your website is just the beginning. Gavamedia specializes in building complex and custom business solutions.

Ongoing Support

After your website is complete, we still continue a close relationship with you. Our post-launch relationship is somtimes important than the development phase. Call, text, email, or chat.

And much more…

Chances are, someone on our team is able to help you with your project. Check out some of our services…

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Website services

Do you make microsites?

We do! We build small one to four-page websites for organizations of all sizes. This is a great way to focus on a specific service or feature that your organization provides.

Can you fix a broken website?

We can! Often clients come to us with an existing website, and we help fix issues with design, speed, content, and more.

Do you provide custom web design services?

Yes! We can even design your entire website from scratch, or base a new design on your existing logo. Check out some of our latest websites.

Can you design a logo?

We can. We can make an all-new logo from scratch, or base a logo on your old existing logo. Many of our latest websites feature new custom-designed logos.

Can we just start with a pre-built template?

Of course. We have literally hundreds of design choices. We can even make small adjustments to these designs to incorporate your logo or colours. 

Do you provide hosting and support?

We do! Building your website is only the beginning of our relationship. We maintain, update, and even host your website.

How do you quote for a new website?

We’ll need to know the basics, like how many pages your new website should have, what kinds of plugins will be required, etc. It all starts with a quick chat with our friendly staff.

Plugin and programming services

graphic designer

Can you build an app?

We can! Gavamedia develops apps big and small for all platforms. Contact our support staff to get a quote.

Can you build more complicated software, like a platform?

We can! We develop apps that communicate with custom-built servers, and even build custom API platforms.

Can you integrate with APIs?

Yes! Many of our websites interact with third-party platforms.

How do you quote for a custom project?

We’ll need to know the specific details of your project. It all starts with a chat with our friendly staff.

Why Gavamedia

Do you offer training?

We do! All of our website builds include comprehensive training. From phone calls to an hour long video session, we make sure you and your team know exactly how to take control of your own website.

Can you make little changes to our site?

We can! As a part of our ongoing hosting and support, we are happy to help make little website updates from time to time, at no extra charge. Just send us an email or phone call with your changes.


And for any bigger or more substantial changes, we will provide a quote for you.

Will it be easy to edit my website?

Yes. All of our clients have full Admin access to everything. We also provide training, and ongoing support, if you need help.

How do I know I’ll get the website I want?

We work this out upfront. Before we even begin working together, we either custom design the website look for you, or you pick the exact design you want. We then work closely with you to ensure everything is exactly as you want.

How will my website look on tablets & cell phones?

Excellent. All the designs we offer are optimized for mobile devices, using state-of-the-art “mobile-first” responsive design. Fonts will be large and legible on small handheld screens of any size.

What level of support do you offer?

Tons! We 

happy corporate website owner

Common website terms

Canadian real estate website WordPress

What is a “responsive website”?

Mobile ready. All of Gavamedia’s website designs are created using “responsive design”, meaning they respond to your website visitor’s device. A mobile device will see a mobile website that fits nicely onto the small screen. Whereas someone on a desktop computer will see a larger design that capitalizes on the extra screen real estate.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Google like to see some things, and hate to see others. The more a search engine likes your site, the higher up you’ll be on search results. SEO is a combination of techniques that ensure your website is liked by search engines. The problem is, search engines constantly change what they like, so this is an ever-changing art. All other website providers give you a site that’s SEO optimized for today, but then forget about you. Gavamedia constantly updates our methods to ensure the most current optimization. Read more about how Gavamedia optimizes your website for SEO.

What does IDX stand for?

Internet Data Exchange. This is the downloading of the MLS® listings to your website, and occurs every time someone visits an IDX website. This is slow, and makes listings appear a few seconds after a website appears to be finished loading. Read more about IDX, and Gavamedia’s alternative techniques. 

What does DDF stand for?

Data Distribution Facility. This is one of the methods CREA uses to share the latest MLS® listings with Gavamedia. Because we’re a licensed Technical Provider for CREA, we can access the latest listings all across Canada. Instead of manually adding a few listings that can quickly become out of date, we connect directly to the latest info, keeping your website fresh and accurate. 

What is a “polygon search”?

A search within any shape on the map. We provide tools that let your website visitors draw any shape on a map, and see only listings in that area. Better still, we let you define your own areas, which you can name, like “Downtown”. Visitors on your website can see these areas, and see listings only in these locations. 

What does CMS stand for?

Content Management System. This is a tool that allows you to edit the pages on your website. There are thousands of competing systems available, but Gavamedia’s is designed specifically for REALTORS®, Brokers, and Agencies. Simply log into Gavamedia.com, and add/edit pages, and even add custom photos. 

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