Microsite for a city – The Dock+

Building a microsite for the City of Port Alberni The City of Port Alberni, BC, was unhappy with their existing website. When it came time to promote a new initiative, they felt that a separate microsite would be the best approach. As they were unsatisfied with their existing website developers, they turned to GAVAMEDIA and

Facilitation and Engagement website – Spicer Facilitation

Facilitation and Engagement website

Rebuilding an existing website Spicer Facilitation and Learning is a Facilitation and Engagement website that GAVAMEDIA rebuilt from scratch. The old Spicer Facilitation and Learning site had been around for years, but was getting cumbersome to maintain and was starting to look very dated. This new design was custom built, from the design of the

Building an e-commerce website – Palatine Roses

A website update for a longtime client Palatine Fruit & Roses has been a client of GAVAMEDIA’s since 2006. We have been their web developers for almost twenty years, before they even started accepting online sales. Our latest iteration we rebuilt everything using WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, and a series of custom-built plugins. This gave Palatine

Yoga instructor website development – Yogaventure Tours

An existing website that we improved Yogaventure Tours is a company that came to us with an existing website that was very slow and was outdated. We worked with a Canadian graphic design firm to develop a new look and logo for Yogaventure Tours. We also simplified the navigation menu system as well as the

Literary festival web design – Winterset in Summer

An existing website that we rebuilt from scratch The Winterset in Summer Literary Festival already had a website, but they weren’t completely happy with it. The old design didn’t look very attractive visually, With too much text and information crammed into a small space. This old website did not exactly have the best literary festival

Building a Realtor Microsite – The Ask Team

Building a Microsite for The Ask Team We were tasked with building a Realtor Microsite for The Ask Team, a real estate brokerage in Newfoundland, Canada. The purpose of this site is intended to change over time. It is to showcase seasonal events and promotions for The Ask Team. Who is the target audience? As

Mattress store website development – The Mattress Store

mattress store website development

An all new website to replace the old The Mattress Store already had an existing website, but it became very outdated and difficult to maintain. The website was not optimized for phones, and lacked a lot of features that most modern websites have. We were responsible for the new mattress store website development. The appearance

A small community microsite – SEEnet

a small community microsite

A Bilingual Microsite SEEnet is a small community microsite which had to be bilingual, as it services the Province of Quebec. We used a WordPress plugin to translate the English text into French. We put a language menu at the top of every page, so someone can choose their preferred language at any time. SEEnet

Physiotherapy website design – PhysioSense

An existing website that we improved PhysioSense is a physiotherapy website design that GAVAMEDIA took over from a different company. Another company built the PhysioSense website, but stopped being responsive. The staff at PhysioSense needed changes on the website, and their old website developer would never respond in time. GAVAMEDIA was able to take over

Canadian website for real estate – Outport Realty

Outport Realty is a Real Estate company servicing people in Newfoundland, but mainly in the Twillingate, Newfoundland area which is located in central Newfoundland. Developing a Canadian website for real estate development is one of Gavamedia’s specialties. How do people search for listings? We made it very easy for people who are buying a home