Online Questionnaires

Gavamedia is a business that specializes in creating websites and offers online questionnaire services that can be featured on their clients’ websites. They can design and develop a questionnaire that can be customized according to their clients’ specific needs, whether it’s a short and simple form or a detailed, multiple-page medical history questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire is created, it can be added to the client’s website, and the submissions are automatically emailed to the client. The email will include all the details that the visitor filled in, making it easy for the client to collect and review the data.

Gavamedia also provides ongoing support for their websites and can help ensure that the online questionnaire is running smoothly. They can make changes to the questionnaire over time, such as adding new questions, to ensure that the questionnaire stays relevant and effective.

Gavamedia’s online questionnaire services can be a useful tool for businesses or organizations that need to collect data from their website visitors. The service can save time, reduce errors, and provide a convenient way to gather important information from clients or customers.