Video Hosting

Gavamedia offers video hosting services for organizations of all sizes who require more flexibility and control over their hosting options. With Gavamedia, clients can arrange for more storage space for their videos, as opposed to standard web hosts that may have limitations such as a 1TB storage limit

One notable feature of Gavamedia’s video hosting services is that they do not include automatic copyright detection. This means that videos containing music, such as live performances, will not be flagged as copyright infringing content automatically. This can be a helpful feature for organizations that are concerned about potential false positives and want to avoid copyright infringement claims.

However, it’s important to note that organizations should still take appropriate steps to ensure that they have the appropriate licenses and permissions for any copyrighted material they use in their videos. Copyright infringement can still be a serious issue, and organizations should take steps to mitigate the risks.

Gavamedia’s video hosting services offer more flexibility and control for organizations that require a lot of video content and need more storage space than what standard web hosts provide. The absence of automatic copyright detection can also be a helpful feature for organizations that use music in their videos, but organizations should still follow best practices for copyright compliance.