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Facilitation and Engagement website

Rebuilding an existing website

Spicer Facilitation and Learning is a Facilitation and Engagement website that GAVAMEDIA rebuilt from scratch. The old Spicer Facilitation and Learning site had been around for years, but was getting cumbersome to maintain and was starting to look very dated.

Old design of Spicer Facilitation website

This new design was custom built, from the design of the website, to the logo. Working with Carole, from the Spicer Facilitation, we were able to come up with a new logo design that she was very happy with.

New Spicer Facilitation Logo

This was an all new website built from the ground up. We did not simply make changes to the old website, but rather started over, making an all new website with a fresh new look. We prefer to do this over editing an old website that a client isn’t happy with. This is because an old website tends to have lots of plugins and lots of bloat.

How do we prove that this is a credible Facilitation and Engagement website?

We separated their services into four separate pages. This can be found under the Services tab with a dropdown menu that links to each page. Each page highlights the different kind of professional services that the Spicer Facilitation provides.

Each service page provides more detailed information about each service compared to the home page. This information is also on the home page, but it’s more of a brief synopsis. Whereas if you go to the actual page, it explains it more in depth. Each service page also includes a link to contact the Spicer Facilitation.

We also built a comprehensive about page. This includes listing all the certifications, memberships and awards of the Spicer Facilitation.

We also included a calendar of upcoming events in the footer. We were able to make the events calendar a template, so they appear on every page. The events are also interactive allowing a potential customer to click on the event and expand more on what the event is about including the price, date and time. You can also include it to your own calendar to remind you of the event.

What changes did we make to the Spicer Facilitation and engagement website?

As we have done to our other websites, we updated the Spicer Facilitation and engagement website to alternate between text and photos. This makes the website seem more modern and makes the text more legible compared to going from one end of the screen to the other.

We also added some animations to the site, but decided to keep them limited for people with visual impairments. Other websites we might have areas flying in from the side to make the website feel more alive and exciting. We opted not to do that for this website to keep it optimized for people with disabilities.

What did we do to improve signups?

We included a form where people can sign up for a monthly newsletter. We made sure that this form is included on every page, so we added it to the footer. We made this link to the Spicer Facilitation’s Mailchimp campaign. People who sign up for the newsletter on the website instantly have subscribed to the Spicer Facilitation email newsletter in Mailchimp. The old website newsletter signups were not linked to Mailchimp and had to be manually added to the subscriber list.

What kind of blog setup did we create?

We successfully imported all the blog posts from the old version of the website. We managed to upload the old photos and included the search engine optimizations. This site has a large amount of blog posts over five pages of archives.

How did we showcase the testimonials?

The Spicer Facilitation has a pletharla of testimonials. We sorted the testimonials into the four different categories that Spicer provides. We also created a dedicated page showcasing all of the testimonials.

Building a Facilitation and Engagement website

We worked closely with Carole at the Spicer Facilitation to make sure the website met her expectations. We rebuilt the website from scratch using Elementor and WordPress. Elementor allows Carole to make changes to the new website in a much more intuitive way than she could before. Editing the website is done in a more visual way now by dragging widgets, making it much easier to maintain.

Visit the site: spicerfacilitation.ca

The support team at GAVAMEDIA can help you build a Facilitation and Engagement website.