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mattress store website development

An all new website to replace the old

The Mattress Store already had an existing website, but it became very outdated and difficult to maintain. The website was not optimized for phones, and lacked a lot of features that most modern websites have. We were responsible for the new mattress store website development.

The old website, not created by GAVAMEDIA’

The appearance of the old website looked so unattractive, The Mattress Store feared they were losing clients because of an outdated design.

Exporting and Importing all the old data

As unattractive as the old website was, The Mattress Store had a substantial collection of products in a custom built database. This large inventory of products held many of different products held hundreds of different items, including photos, descriptions, sizes, etc. It would’ve been too costly to re enter all of this data into a new system. GAVAMEDIA custom built a tool that exported their old database in such a way that the new website system would accept. With the data exported properly, we were able to import every product into the new online platform WooCommerce.

An eCommerce website without the eCommerce

The Mattress Store has multiple products listed on their website, however they are not purchasable online. This is due to the store having a number of different locations and would rather a customer head to the store to purchase a product because each store is independently owned. It would be unclear to see which location gets the online store, so The Mattress Store decided not to allow online purchases.

However, we still opted to use WooCommerce as the main platform to showcase all of their products. This allows for easy maintenance of products, and even displays all of their products beautifully on their website. We simply disabled all shopping cart and checkout features.

How do we showcase their services?

Even though we have disabled all the checkout features, we used WooCommerce to maintain and display all of the products. This allows for a number of useful features. Each product has its own webpage listing all of the details, sizes etc.

Using WooCommerce allowed us to create all the different categories The Mattress Store sells, and shows them separately in a menu.

We also feature some of the more popular categories on the homepage.

Each category page lists all the products in that category.

We also added the ability to filter the products.

Website visitors can also sort the products by price, popularity, etc.

How do we show what is on sale?

The Mattress Store almost always has different products on sale. We feature this in a large dedicated area on the home page, making it easier for customers to jump strait to the most requested page.

This takes customers to a dedicated page on the website that shows only the products that are on sale.

The website displays the original price while a product is on sale, but it crosses out the regular price. It will show the sale price in bold. After our training, the staff at The Mattress Store updates this list themselves.

How easy is it to maintain the website?

As with all of our websites, we built The Mattress Store as easy to maintain as possible. We custom built a new look using Elementor, which makes it very simple for the staff at The Mattress Store to make changes. After we provided some training, their staff is also fully capable of maintaining the entire product line on the website, from adding new products to displaying something that is on sale.

mattress store website development

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