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As of October 2017, Chrome now flags all unencrypted websites as “Not Secure“.

The warning everyone on your website will see.

Most REALTOR® sites are insecure

Over 21,000 Broker and REALTOR® websites are “Not Secure” in Canada alone. These sites all show Google’s scary new warning.

A security mistake like this can be costly when it scares off your leads

Sadly, most of these websites are very expensive to maintain. REALTORS® are investing thousands into their insecure website, and not seeing the lead conversion they deserve.

1.   Do it for the SEO

This isn’t just about protecting your clients — it’s about your own self-interest. If your REALTOR® website is secure, Google will reward you.

Google gives a ranking boost to REALTOR® websites that are encrypted, putting them higher up on Google search results. Diligent REALTORS® get a competitive advantage. If your site isn’t secure, and your competing REALTOR®’s website is secure, they’ll show up first.

2.   Build credibility

The average homebuyer is becoming more tech savvy. When leads see the friendly green “Secure” icon on your website, this is one of the key indicators of trust.

The more a lead trusts your website, the more likely they are to fill out your forms that request their contact information.

3.   Protect your leads

The homes, searches, and price ranges your leads are viewing can be very personal. Even though they aren’t clients yet, you care about your leads’ safety and privacy.

Keep all your leads’ searches safe. When every page is encrypted, spying internet providers and hackers are completely blinded, even on public Wi-Fi.

4.   The best website experience

When a website isn’t secure, your leads are plagued with popup warnings. Filling out a form can give warning messages, and sometimes even just looking a page can alert some of your leads.

When your REALTOR® website is secure, your website can find the lead’s physical location automatically. Your leads don’t have to manually enter their location when searching for listings.

Safe leads = Happy leads

Gavamedia’s strategy

We add website encryption to all our Broker and REALTOR® websites automatically. We’ve always insisted on security for everyone, even before Google started labelling “Not Secure” websites.

Only when your website is labelled ”Secure”, can you honestly say that you put your clients first.

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Some REALTORS® don’t know how to get rid of the “Not Secure” warning, and many don’t understand why their leads aren’t converting.

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